• Portsmouth trebles apprenticeships faster than southeast
  • Mobile Library service to expand to Fort Cumberland Road
  • More enforcement for Tangier Road speeding
  • Action on the Savoy Site
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The Lib Dem-run Portsmouth City Council has been working hard with many partners including schools, colleges and business to create more apprenticeships citywide.  Portsmouth’s ‘Business Growth and Skills Plan’ seeks to ensure that local residents are able to benefit from the physical regeneration and economic growth in the City and have the skills and qualifications required to meet employer demand and secure the jobs created. The work is increasing the number of apprenticeships …

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Councillor Lee Hunt

Portsmouth’s mobile library service, run by the Lib Dem-lead City Council, is expanding its service to Fort Cumberland Road near the shops.
The mobile library is looking to expand into more remote locations to enable people who live far from the city centre to have access to quality library and IT services. These areas also include Oakwood Road in Hilsea and Anchorage Park in Copnor.
Apart from being a strictly library service, …

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The new park-and-ride bus

The Lib Dem-run Portsmouth City Council’s state-of-the-art new park-and-ride will be opening on Saturday, 5 April but people in Portsmouth have their chance to see one of the new park-and-ride buses before the official opening.
The luxurious double-decker is parked in Commercial Road shopping precinct to promote the launch of the service on Saturday, 5 April.
It will be parked for most of the day with staff present to answer any questions the public …